10 Awesome Benefits of “Cabbage”

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Many people don’t like to eat vegetables. Because it has a bitter taste, it is difficult to eat, but for cabbage it is eaten raw as an accompaniment to spicy food such as papaya salad, larb, and waterfall. It’s delicious in a sweet way. Until almost unable to stop at all. ทางเข้า ufabet

vegetables that are easy to find Affordable price like this cabbage. What are the benefits? Let’s see.

  1. help lose weight and cholesterol in the body
  2. Nourish bones and teeth because cabbage contains calcium and phosphorus.
  3. Strengthen the body’s immunity, prevent colds
  4. Helps relieve the symptoms of gastritis, inflammatory gastritis, treat stomach ulcers.
  5. inhibits the growth of colon cancer cells
  6. against liver cancer and prostate cancer
  7. Relieve colic, distension
  8. constipation relief
  9. Slow down the occurrence of gray hair. Because cabbage helps nourish hair roots. Activates hair to strengthen keratin proteins. Makes my hair shiny, weighty and healthy.
  10. diuretic For people who have problems with urinary incontinence

dangers of cabbage

Although cabbage has many benefits. But cabbages contains goitrogens. that inhibits the absorption of iodine which causes the thyroid gland to produce hormones less than before Therefore, it is not suitable for people with hypothyroidism. And cabbages may still have some residue from pesticides. Therefore, it should be taken out and soaked in water. and wash the leaves before eating