4 simple exercises break down cellulite

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Many girls are afraid to wear some of their favorite clothes. Because there is an important reason like cellulite that causes the body to be completely hidden. If anyone is still not sure that cellulite is scary. what does it look like Try bending down to touch the thighs or abdomen and squeeze or twist gently until you see the gnarled skin. rough like an orange peel That’s what’s called cellulite. It is a layer of fat under the skin that is tightly packed together. from excess fat that we eat and not get rid of it. ทางเข้า ufabet

But don’t worry. We have simple exercises. You can do it yourself at a narrow house. It doesn’t take long To specifically get rid of these cellulite from your life, let’s do it!

1. Lunges


From an upright position, lift one leg forward. Throw your body weight forward until your legs touch the floor. Lower yourself until your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. The back knee touches the floor or not. The body is straight. If done correctly, you will feel tightness in your legs. Do it often to ensure that your legs are firm. Obviously lost fat

2. Squats


It is a position that is very popular with women because it is an exercise that creates a beautiful buttocks. Start by standing straight, spreading your legs, then squatting down as much as possible. Try to maintain balance between your legs, feet and buttocks. Don’t lean forward. or too behind You may be able to extend your arms forward to maintain your body’s balance. If you feel tightness in your legs and butt, you’re doing it right. She also has beautiful legs like a model.

3. Dead Lift


Doing weights is an exercise that helps to tone your muscles even more. If you want to reduce cellulite on your upper arms It’s impossible to avoid lifting weights. or lifting weights Anyone who can handle dumbbells But if lifting weights with both arms dead lift at the same time like this will see better results and faster Importantly, save more time. Because when lifting, you can exercise at the same time for both arms.

4. Hip Bridges Pose


This pose is very effective. in terms of reducing excess fat or cellulite Especially the thighs and buttocks, but in the abdomen and the “wings” under the bra in the back can also disappear. Either leg can be lifted to increase the fatigue. (And don’t forget to switch legs as well) If you do it right, you will feel very tired. but definitely effective

Each pose is recommended to be done as a set. You can set the number of times. number of sets by yourself By trying to see if you can do the most until you can’t stand it how many times. (Don’t overdo it and you’ll hurt yourself.) Then gradually increase the number of reps. and the number of sets goes on and on And a little patience is required. It’s not a day or two to see results. Try to do this at least 3-4 times a week for an hour a day and go on and on. Guarantee that you will definitely see results.