Get to know heat stroke, its causes, symptoms

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During this heat stroke It is a disease that is often talked about. Because it is a disease that causes constant loss. Today we want to invite girls. Let’s get to know about heat stroke, including the causes, symptoms and methods of prevention of this type of disease. So that everyone can protect themselves from this kind of disease. This is a disease that occurs in the summer as well.

What is Heat Stroke?
Heat Stroke or heat stroke is a critical condition in which the body is unable to adapt or regulate the heat level within the body. thus causing the body temperature to rise steadily As well as resulting in headache, fainting, convulsions, delirium, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, shock and unconsciousness. If left to have such symptoms or the body is unable to cool down for more than 2 hours, it will have serious effects on the heart, brain, kidneys and muscles And if treated late, it can be life-threatening.

Causes of heat stroke in
the cause of heat stroke. Caused by the body’s overheating. And usually occurs when the body is exposed to extreme heat. including working or exercising in high temperature environments by causing body temperature to reach 40 degrees Celsius or more Plus the body can’t adjust in time. as well as causing complications and resulting in death

Symptoms of heat stroke
For the symptoms of heat stroke, women can observe from the following symptoms:

1. have thirsty symptoms

2. Headache, dizziness

3. Dizzy

4. hot body

5. Rapid heartbeat and palpitations

6. In some cases, there will be shock to the point of losing consciousness.
How to prevent heatstroke

How to prevent heatstroke, girls can do the following:

1. Drink about 8-10 glasses of clean water per day by constantly sipping water.

2. Wear light-colored clothes that can ventilate heat well.

3. Avoid doing outdoor activities. or stay in a place that is very hot for a long time

4. Should not exercise in a sunny outdoor place.

5. Should be in a place where the air is convenient.

6. Don’t stay in a car parked outdoors for a long time without air. Because the heat inside the car increases the risk of heatstroke very high.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol, tea, coffee and high-sugar drinks.

For girls who know that their bodies are unable to cope with the hot weather much. It is advisable to try to avoid exposure to sunlight. and should refrain from doing outdoor activities for a long time because it may be at risk of causing heatstroke