Cristiano Ronaldo waits to see who the new coach is thinking to go?

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The Daily Star reports that. Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo will wait to see who will take over next season to decide his future again.

         Due to his poor performance in the past. UFABET The media report that Cristiano Ronaldo is dissatisfied with the way things are. While some sources cite some of the squad’s players. Some are also dissatisfied with the Portuguese star’s consistent play even in times of poor performance.

         In addition. The veteran shooting star’s reaction has criticize many times by the gurus. Not even an old friend like Gary Neville who had play together for many years.

         According to British media reports. Ronaldo will consider his future after learning who will take over as the Old Fence’s boss. Trafford after this season.

         Ralph Rangnick is not expect to be appoint permanent boss. By staying in charge of the team until the end of this season. As agreed before going up to work as a club advisor for another two years.

         The options in the scope remain unchanged. As was when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sack with Mauricio Pochettino, Erik ten Hag and Brendan Rodgers sacked.

Style of play.

Ronaldo’s style of play is nearly perfect. He can score sharp goals both at close range and at distances from both sides of the pitch. and can play in multiple positions They prefer to stand as an Inside Forward and a Striker, but can also play as a winger or even a low striker as well. His strengths include crossing the ball inward and scoring heavy goals with both feet and nimble thrusts. It is also featured in the ball in the air. He can jump as high as 71 centimeters, and he showed his potential to fans in the match. Juventus defeated Sampdoria 2-1 in December 2019 with a height of 1.87 meters, giving him an advantage in aerial contention against his opponents. Ronaldo can score more goals from the air as he moves into the center forward. From having played in the position of the wing during the first time with Manchester United

He’s also a good set-piece player who scores many goals from free kicks and penalties. and is one of the fastest moving players in the world. with his strong muscle mass He can move with the ball quickly and is difficult to mark.