Dembele overtakes Marseille 2-1

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Olympique Lyonnais narrowly collected three points at home. After coming from behind to beat Olympique overtakes Marseille 2-1 thanks to a late goal from Moussa Dembele. Who came off the bench before becoming the football team’s hero.

Big game residual match of the Ligue 1 native Olympiad, Lyon sent Rayan Cherki to play in front of the target and Hussem Aouar made the game. While Marseille was led by Dimi. Three Payet

Starting the game for 10 minutes. Marseille took the lead 1-0 from the left corner kick that Payet opened to the first post for Matteo Guendouzi to pass the ball through Anthony Lo’s hand. Pes decisively entered the far post.

In the 24th minute, Lyon had a chance to win from Xherdan Shaqiri’s corner kick that Leo Dubois headed. But the ball didn’t go into the frame. 

The home team had a hard time dealing with the ball. Because Marseille had set up a very good defensive zone. The chance to win again UFABET had to wait until the injury period. Where Rayan Cherki had dropped off to shoot from the right in the penalty area before blocking William Saliba. However, at this time, the Lineman had raised the flag offside, finishing the first 45 minutes of Mark. Seiya invaded to lead Lyon 1-0

In the second half of the 57th minute.

Marseille had a chance first from the moment that Luis Enrique got the ball in the penalty area but couldn’t find the shot, so he sent it out in front of the penalty area for Matteo Guendouzi to shoot. that the ball flew over the crossbar out of the back 

Lyon successfully equalized in the 76th minute from Malo Gusto’s beautiful right-hand opener that hit Xherdan Shaqiri’s head, headed into the ground, plugged in the pole, Paul Lopez, the visiting goalkeeper, lost the right to save.

At the end of the 89th minute game, Lyon turned 2-1, Xherdan Shaqiri scooped the ball for Moussa Dembele, showing the ball away from William Saliba before falling solo and breaking the ball over Pao Lopez’s net. supremely

Then ended the game, Lyon took 3 points with a narrow win overtakes Marseille 2-1.