Nick Candy confirms interest in Chelsea acquisition.

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British billionaire Nick Candy has insist his interest in buy Chelsea would not change despite UK government sanctions.

         “Sing the Blues” is still in turmoil after be ban from buy or extending player contracts. While the assets of Roman Abramovich were seize by the British government. This means that if the club is sell. The club will not UFABET receive a single pound.

         However, Nick Candy insists it remains interest in buy the club from Sia Mi working with other investors to make offers.

         “We are carefully review the announcement and remain interest in make an offer.” A spokesman for Kandy told Sportmail. “Obviously this is a time of great uncertainty for all Chelsea fans.”

         A spokesman for Kandy also said. The Stamford Bridge stadium will be renovate, adding: “The club deserves a world-class stadium – and with Mr Kandy’s unique expertise in real estate it will be extremely valuable assets in achieve this vision.”

         For Candy is a big fan of Chelsea with wealth come from the real estate business. It will lead the proposal with American investors.

The Daily Mail reports that British real estate tycoon Nick Kandy is on the verge of buying Chelsea from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in an offer of 2,500 million pounds (11,500 million baht) and plans to spend the money. Another 1,500 million pounds (67,500 million baht) to improve Stamford Bridge, the club’s home stadium.