Rafael Benitez was surprised his request to postpone Burnley was rejected

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Everton boss Rafael Benitez has revealed he was surprised. That his request to postpone Burnley was rejected by the Premier League.

blue toffee It has been plagued by the coronavirus. After it was report that Merseyside’s top-flight squad had just nine first-team outfield players left.

Previously, Everton still had problems with the first-team footballer injury. Although the team made a request to postpone the program that will travel to Burnley this Sunday out but was rejected.

“With injuries and positive results from COVID We all expect the game to be postpone,” the Spaniard said.

“Now I have to think about whether I will have 11 players who are fit. And where I will play them. So I was really surprised. that we are going to play this game

“The problem is we have nine outfield players available and three goalkeepers and after that we have to bring in five youngsters who are not yet 21 years old. enough experience to play in the Premier League.”

The Premier League has decided to postpone both Liverpool’s v Leeds and Wolves v Watford games on Sunday.

“We have nine outfield players and three keepers. And then we have to bring five new young players into the team, who are not even 21 years old.”We have players who have knocks and we have to push them. Dominic [Calvert-Lewin] has been out for two months and maybe has to play for 90 minutes. It is a massive risk.”