Ralph Rangnick has no problem playing during the end of the year

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Manchester United‘s interim manager Ralph Rangnick has revealed he has no problem continuing to play his players during the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

Red devil faces Covid-19 virus Played so hard that it had to postpone the duel with Brentford and Brighton earlier. But most recently, the situation in the team was better than before.

When asked about playing regularly, which is one of the traditions of English football. Most of the foreign coaches will come out to complain or express their disagreement. But the German trainer revealed that he understood and accepted the culture.

Ralph Rangnick has no problem continuing playing during the end of the year

“You know better than me the important culture. It’s playing on Boxing Day, the 27th, even the 30th or January 2. I think we should cherish and respect this important culture. I’m looking forward to that. First time in my coaching career But there might be two problems and it has been mentioned in the past.”

The 63-year-old said he still had more problems with programming in other areas, especially in England’s two cup competitions. which personally considers too much

“England is the only nation to have played in two cups. In France they canceled it a year or two ago, we are the only nation to have played in two cups. Here are some things that should be discussed and discussed. I know the reason for having a League Cup is for teams in the 3rd or 4th division to improve their financials. But overcrowded programs, too many games, this is something that needs to be said and discussed.

“Another problem that has changed is that you have to play replays. Now it’s changed I think that’s a good idea. in other countries You play in extra time and penalties. Never had a replay That’s the story that should be talked about.”