Ralph Rangnick has urged players to get vaccinated against COVID-19

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Manchester United‘s acting manager Ralph Rangnick has urged players to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Red devil faces Covid-19 virus Played so hard that it had to postpone the duel with Brentford and Brighton earlier. But most recently, the situation in the team was better than before. Ready to return to practice again from Tuesday

At a press conference on Thursday, Rangnick revealed in a part about vaccination that he asked everyone People take steps the league recommends to vaccinate them to prevent the spread. Because if compared to their own team members who have been vaccinated for many cases, the infection is still found.

“The Premier League will make every effort to way to make the league safer. Including make the situation around The players and the club are safe,” Rangnick said.

“We urge players to be disciplined about touching. We also want to make sure we have the majority of our players vaccinated. As far as i know We have a high number of vaccinated players here at our club.

“But the last few weeks have shown that even if you’ve had 2 or 3 vaccinations, you can still be infected. especially the new virus

“You are not entirely protect, but at least you are protected from severe symptoms. And as far as i know Most of our players are positive. Both showed very weak symptoms. and no pain from that problem.”