Terzic reveals Meunier still has a chance at Dortmund.

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Thomas Meunier the 32-year-old full-back has also been given a chance to prove himself by Yellow Tigers football coach Edin Terzic.

Edin Terzic, Borussia Dortmund coach confirmed that. Belgian full-back Thomas Meunier still has a chance to prove himself with the Yellow Tigers. Although the 32-year-old right-back has not played with the first team since March. According to a report from ‘Sport1’ on Tuesday. UFABET 

Meunier moved from Paris Saint-Germain to play for Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2020. But things did not go according to the Belgian full-back. I expect With the problem of inconsistent playing form and frequent injury problems. Even though he had the opportunity to change agencies this past summer. But a serious muscle injury during pre-season kept him with the Yellow Tigers until now.

However, Meunier is close to being fit again and he was named in the squad for the first time against Eintracht Frankfurt Last Sunday. While Terzic was ready to give him the opportunity to prove himself in the first team as well.

‘Thomas Meunier has been training with us for a few weeks now.’ Terzic said. ‘He’s been out for a long time and hasn’t been able to train with us for two months. But he can come back. Did all the training during the latest national team break’

‘We know everything about Thomas Meunier’s qualities, especially his physicality. He’s on the right track. And like other players who still has a contract with Borussia Dortmund. We are planning with him. And if he continued to practice like this He won’t have to wait for another opportunity.’